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Informacije za ruske državljane (na engleskom jeziku)

04.10.2022 - FAQ


Citizens of the Russian Federation can still enter Germany if they hold a valid visa. For more information on current requirements for obtaining a visa, please visit the following Website.

Please also note that the German Embassy Belgrade is only responsible for visa applications of individuals whose place of residence or habitual abode is within the administrative district of the German Embassy Belgrade, i.e. in Serbia. The German Embassy Belgrade is therefore not able to process visa applications submitted by other individuals. This also applies to persons whose place of residence or habitual abode is, or was at the time of the outbreak of the war, in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine.

Exceptions can be made only for those Russian citizens who are applying for a visa for a long‑term stay – e.g. to take up employment or enrol at a university – and who would be in undue danger if they were to return to the mission abroad in their own administrative district in Russia to submit the respective application. This may be the case for human rights defenders, journalists, dissidents and conscientious objectors.


Under the principle of territoriality, an application for asylum cannot be submitted from abroad, but must be made in Germany. The consulate general/the embassy is not able to issue an entry visa for the purpose of applying for asylum.

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